Prizemasters offers customers Lotto + Superdraw combo, estimated total prize pool AUD $70,000,000.00!
Latest 6/45 Lotto stats: on average more than 510,000 players winning every week!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: currently paying out on average over AUD$15,000,000.00 EVERY WEEK!
Mr C.C. wins AUD$920,000.00 and says “What a fantastic winning streak I’ve had!”
Prizemasters customer Ms M.Y. wins AUD$1,900,000.00!
Mr M.M. wins BIG and says: “Playing Lotto with Prizemasters was the best choice I ever made!”
Superdraw: first prize pool now estimated to be AUD$16,000,000.00!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: projected first prize pool AUD$4,000,000.00!
Another Prizemasters customer, Mr R.H., wins Division 1 – paid out AUD$1,428,571.43!

Beware of Scammers

Just like many other companies and industries, at Prizemasters we are in a constant battle with scammers. We hear from customers and non-customers alike, telling us that they have received calls from people asking for money to ‘clear’ a prize or to pay ‘taxes’, ‘commissions’ ‘insurance fees’ and other such charges. These are honest, every day people, excited after being told they have won thousands in cash… all they need to do is send a few thousand dollars or pounds to claim it. 

It’s a SCAM.

No genuine company, including Prizemasters, will ever ask you to pay money before you can claim a prize that you have already won.

We have been in business for 20 years and have had many thousands of winners, and not one of those customers has ever been asked by us for money before they could receive the prize they had rightfully won.

Yes, you pay for the right to enter a lottery. But if you win, the prize money goes in its entirety to the winner. Prizemasters does not ask for fees, taxes, clearance charges, insurance, courier costs or postal fees. You should receive every dollar or pound of your lottery winnings, no matter how big or small – no exceptions.

The tactics of the scammers

The scammers alter their tactics to keep a step ahead of the law, and tailor their stories depending on their victim. They also often operate from outside your country to evade prosecution.

They are always convincing. Often they appear caring. We have been told that “they seem like genuine and nice people”. Sometimes they will earn your trust over several phone calls. But BEWARE… THEY ARE AFTER YOUR MONEY.

They often ask about your existing investments, savings and bank balances. No company that owes you money should ever ask questions about your personal wealth, and you can be assured that Prizemasters will never ask such questions!

They might insist on urgency – but that’s simply to ensure you don’t have time to check up on them. They also tell you to keep it quiet – of course they do – they don’t want your relatives to tell you it’s a scam! They use stories, such as a courier is waiting to collect your cheque and deliver it straight to your house. But it will never arrive.

If you haven’t entered a genuine lottery, you can’t win

No one, and we mean NO ONE, will ever send you a prize for a competition or lottery you have not entered. So before you do anything, check that you entered the lottery.

How can you tell the real Prizemasters from a fake?

If you play Australian Lotto with us, we will confirm your entry in writing. You can then check your numbers against the drawn numbers on our website to see if you have won.

If you win Division 2 or below, we will automatically send the winnings to you. If you win Division 1, we will contact you to ask how you’d like to receive it. Remember, at no stage will we ever ask for money for you to receive a prize you have already won – in fact if you win Division 1, you might be eligible for a bonus payment from us of AUD$5,000.00.

We are Australian 

Our office is in Australia. We do not operate from anywhere else in the world. If you get a call from, say, ‘Prizemasters Canada’ or any other country, it’s not us.

Our phone numbers and other contact details are on every item of mail we send as well as on this website. You are always welcome to call us at any time. If the time zone difference is a problem, you can leave a message and we will make every effort to call you at a convenient time.

We invite you to check this website. It is regularly updated and you are always welcome to use it to contact us.

We have always operated with integrity, taking pride in the level of service that we offer. We have thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. We respect our customers and thank them for their loyalty. And we stand with our heads high knowing that our business ethics are honest and deserving of trust.

Think you’ve been scammed?

If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, please report it to your local police. Sadly, victims of lottery scams rarely have their money returned.

We also ask that you let us know of any scam attempts so we can continue to monitor the tricks of these unscrupulous people and warn other innocent people.

Remember, if you are ever in doubt, you are welcome to call us. We are always happy to talk to our valued customers.

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