Prizemasters offers customers Lotto + Superdraw combo, estimated total prize pool AUD $70,000,000.00!
Latest 6/45 Lotto stats: on average more than 510,000 players winning every week!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: currently paying out on average over AUD$15,000,000.00 EVERY WEEK!
Mr C.C. wins AUD$920,000.00 and says “What a fantastic winning streak I’ve had!”
Prizemasters customer Ms M.Y. wins AUD$1,900,000.00!
Mr M.M. wins BIG and says: “Playing Lotto with Prizemasters was the best choice I ever made!”
Superdraw: first prize pool now estimated to be AUD$16,000,000.00!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: projected first prize pool AUD$4,000,000.00!
Another Prizemasters customer, Mr R.H., wins Division 1 – paid out AUD$1,428,571.43!

Be a winner – play just for fun!

Your lotto games may be the best purchase you ever make in your life – but please stay within a level you can comfortably afford.

People love to try their luck on the lottery, but sometimes they spend more money than they can afford. This can spoil the enjoyment and can cause harm to players and their families.

What are the chances of a problem developing?

The chance of having a problem increases the more often you play.

Find it hard to stop?

Many players find it quite hard to stop once they have reached their limit.

Keeping it fun - are you losing the enjoyment?

Think about why you play and be honest about how often and how much you spend.

Is playing lotto adversely affecting your life?

Do you feel depressed? Are there arguments about your play? Are you financially affected?

When this happens it is time to take control. Here are some tips to help:

Make a Smart Move - It's YOUR MOVE.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to cut back or stop playing altogether.

Make a Smart Move - Many people choose to CONTROL their LOTTO PLAY.

Set money limits and stick to them. Be honest with the family and tell them the limits.

Make a Smart Move - Many people choose to STOP PLAYING and seek help.

Ask to be included in the Prizemasters "self exclusion" program. Receive advice from

Self exclusion program

Want to stop purchasing lottery products through Prizemasters? We support customer self exclusion
from purchasing lottery products.

To enter this program, complete the form below.

When we receive your request we will:

Mark your details to not receive any more offers.

Return any unplayed further orders and payments received by us from you.

Mark your details to be excluded from sharing with any other lottery direct marketers.

Enter your details into our confidential "Responsible Play Register".

Confirm to you in writing your inclusion in the "self exclusion" program.

Professional advice

We have contact details for professionals in over 30 countries that can offer advice.
Interested to find out more? Then complete the form below and send it to us. We will respond to your request promptly.

* Title:
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Your Email Address:
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* Country:

* = required information

Your contact details will remain confidential. They will only be used to include you in our self exclusion program if you so request, and/or to assist us in providing you with contact details for professional advice.

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