Prizemasters offers customers Lotto + Superdraw combo, estimated total prize pool AUD $70,000,000.00!
Latest 6/45 Lotto stats: on average more than 510,000 players winning every week!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: currently paying out on average over AUD$15,000,000.00 EVERY WEEK!
Mr C.C. wins AUD$920,000.00 and says “What a fantastic winning streak I’ve had!”
Prizemasters customer Ms M.Y. wins AUD$1,900,000.00!
Mr M.M. wins BIG and says: “Playing Lotto with Prizemasters was the best choice I ever made!”
Superdraw: first prize pool now estimated to be AUD$16,000,000.00!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: projected first prize pool AUD$4,000,000.00!
Another Prizemasters customer, Mr R.H., wins Division 1 – paid out AUD$1,428,571.43!

Thousands of our customers have won big cash prizes thanks to Prizemasters!

You could be next!

Our customers come from all over the world. In fact we have customers from over 130 countries and that number is growing. Our easy-to-play system means that once you lodge your entry you need not lift a finger - we do it all for you. From confirming your play dates to providing you with results of your play, as well as sending you your winnings promptly. Already Prizemasters has helped many thousands of our customers claim winnings totalling many millions of Australian dollars.

These customers played and won BIG. So if you play, next time it could be YOU!

Mr. H.O.


Mr. C.C.


Mr. M.M.


Ms M.Y.


“I’ll remember that winner’s phone call forever. It took my breath away when I heard that I’d won AUD$1,900,000.00. It was like a ray of bright sunshine after the gloomy skies of recession.”

[Name Withheld]


Mr. K.N.


Mr. H.Y.


Ms. Y.K.


Mr. H.K.


“To all other players – YOU could be next to win the top prize like me, follow your dreams!”

Mr. E.W.


Mr. S.K.


“When I heard the news that I’d won I thought ‘This must be a joke!’ I never thought it would happen to me – but it really has!”

Mr. J.H.L. AUD$400,000.00
[Name Withheld] AUD$739,713.73
Ms C.G. AUD$500,000.00

“I’m walking on air. It’s such a lovely feeling to win!”

[Name Withheld]


Mrs H.Z.


Mr R.H.


Remember, when you win with Prizemasters, we'll never ask you to pay fees or taxes before you can receive your prize money.

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