Prizemasters offers customers Lotto + Superdraw combo, estimated total prize pool AUD $70,000,000.00!
Latest 6/45 Lotto stats: on average more than 510,000 players winning every week!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: currently paying out on average over AUD$15,000,000.00 EVERY WEEK!
Mr C.C. wins AUD$920,000.00 and says “What a fantastic winning streak I’ve had!”
Prizemasters customer Ms M.Y. wins AUD$1,900,000.00!
Mr M.M. wins BIG and says: “Playing Lotto with Prizemasters was the best choice I ever made!”
Superdraw: first prize pool now estimated to be AUD$16,000,000.00!
Australian 6/45 Lotto: projected first prize pool AUD$4,000,000.00!
Another Prizemasters customer, Mr R.H., wins Division 1 – paid out AUD$1,428,571.43!

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Prizemasters offers services for international Australian Lotto players. People residing within Australia cannot use Prizemasters to enter their Lotto games.

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